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I spent a lot of the weekend volunteering in the wake of the tornadoes. On Saturday, TCR went to Garywook Baptist Church in Hueytown. It's the coordinating site of Convoy of Hope and Samaritan's Purse. We came armed with all things BBQish. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs to feed the army of volunteers when they returned from the field that night. It felt nice to do something but I just didn't feel like I'd done enough.

On Sunday, a group of us went back to volunteer with the Convoy of Hope group. They take basic necessity donations (water, trash bags, first aid, etc.) and organize them. Then, people who are willing to drive their SUVs and trucks out into the affected areas are loaded to the hilt with supplies. Volunteers such as myself are put in any vehicle with an open seat. The vehicles are then sent out in a convoy. I found myself in a truck with a brother and sister team, Bruce and Joy. We drove through the streets of Pleasant Grove. Joy and I rode on the tailgate and we offered people whatever we had. I have absolutely never seen anything like it. Seeing someone's house with the front wall missing and looking into their life was haunting. Entire blocks, where there had clearly been a booming cluster of homes were devoid of any signs of any structure. Brick staircase that once went to someone's front door, now lead into empty space.

I really want to go back and volunteer with the Samaritan's Purse organization later this week! They're sending out teams to help with the actual cleanup effort.

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Memetastic fun for my last day at work for almost 2 weeksCollapse )

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So, if I saw you on Friday, I undoubtedly whined to you at least once about how I had a final that afternoon in Optics and how it was 17 pages of essay questions that took me almost 4 hours to write.

I got my grade back today... I GOT A 94!!!!!!!!!!!!  That means I got a B in the class!  WOO! 

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In case you didn't know, I love Dave Matthews Band.  I mean, really, LOVE them.  I just saw my 7th show in Memphis a few weeks ago.  LeRoi Moore, the band's saxophonist died yesterday from complications from an ATV accident in June.  

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I just applied for another job.  After all I went through a few months ago with my job...

The problem is that here, I'm overappreciated and underpaid, even with the raise I got last time.  I had  to FIGHT to get my absolute bare minimum that I was prepared to accept in order to stay.  Unfortunately, I'm beginning to realize that I may've been fighting blindly to keep this job.  Don't get me wrong, I love it here.  I get to be around kids all the time, which I love.  I've also gotten REALLY friendly with all the doctors that I work with.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure that that's enough to keep me here.  It's nice to be so appreciated for my hard work and it's nice to be in a place where I've always got someone to talk to if I need personal advice.  I realize that going into a new job, I wouldn't have that right away, if ever.  I don't actually think of that as a bad thing, though.  I'm not sure right now just how actively I'm seeking a new job, but I was looking at the recent postings on the UAB website and saw a position... in eyes... coordinating research.... that I meet EVERY posted criteria for.  I realized that I'd be a fool not to at least apply.  Their published BASE salary would be a 21% pay increase... again, that's the MINIMUM salary.  I'll be shocked if it's not already taken, but I think that this may've been the start of something.  I'm not really ready to look outside UAB since I want to work on a masters... and why not work around here and do it for free?!?!?!

Wow... I didn't plan on applying for jobs when I woke up this morning... I'm a little weirded out!!!  I'm also trying not to be anxious about hearing back from them when this job seems so freakishly well suited to me.


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 Yeah, so that means that my job will be listed on the UAB website and my boss is obligated to accept applications.  However, don't bother applying, this one's in the bag!

Administrative crap is funny.  Tomorrow I have to apply for my job.  Yes, MY job.  The one I've been doing for 3 years.  At least the end result is cool, but it's just funny to have to jump through this hoop! 

It's almost like it goes without saying... I'm sick.

Have been since the weekend. Went to the doc yesterday. Got a Z-pack, Tamiflu, and a bottle of hydrocodone.

What-the-fuck-ever sickness. I'm so done with you. Get the hell out you rotten whore and do not return.


Yes, I do think that makes me cool.

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